DIG Full Form And Its Information

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DIG Full Form

DIG full form in the police is Deputy Inspector General of Police.

What Is DIG?

dig full form

Delegate Inspector General of Police (DIG) is a position in the Indian police, just underneath Inspector General of Police.

It is a position held by Indian Police Service officials who had effectively filled in as Senior Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police (Selection Grade) and got elevated to this position.

Burrow-positioned officials wear Gorget patches on their collar which have a dull blue foundation and a white line sewed on them, like SSPs There is no restriction to the number of DIGs a state can have and most states have a few DIGs.

Power Of DIG

For the unversed, the greatest post in the police organization is that of the Director-General of Police (DGP). A DGP is the top of the police of the entire state.

In the interim, the Deputy Inspector General of Police for example Burrow is the subsequent number official in the police of a zone.

How To Become DIG?

dig full form

The competitor who needs to turn into the DIG needs to initially show up in the Civil Services Exam directed by UPSC.

In the wake of clearing the test, the up-and-comer turns into an IPS official and goes through the predefined preparation as an IPS official.

At the point when the IPS official finishes the preparation, the person is designated as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) or Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

A while later, based on experience, history, and execution, the person in question is elevated to the position of Superintendent of Police (SP), and afterward to the position of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), and afterward to the position of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).

Final Words On DIG Full Form

In this article, we not only share the dig full form but also shares other important terms related to the DIG like how to become a DIG, and what is the power of DIG.

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