What Is Hobknocker Meaning In Real Life?

As we all know there are many words that humans use for different reasons or identities. Hobknocker is one of them and in this article, we are discussing the Hobknocker meaning.

What is the meaning of Hobknocker?

The word Hobknocker uses for the person who is dumb or reacts as nonsense in any situation.

But in real meaning, the Hobknocker is a tool or machine that works on construction sites used to destroy buildings.

But nowadays this word uses in real life as joke. You can see this word is used to make memes on TikTok or Instagram.

These memes are generally made to denote when a person acts weird in any situation. The Hobknocker is also known as a duffer person.

Meaning of duffer

A person who is brainless, heartless, and the person cannot take a fair decision at right time is known as a duffer.

When was Hobknocker used the first time?

The word Hobknocker was used for the first time when the building destruction machine was introduced.

But in the memes world, this word was introduced in recent year 2020 on the Instagram meme.


In this article, we have shared what is the Hobknocker means. We hope you like this article if yes then please share it with your friends for fun.

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