What Does Burrowhead Meaning?

Recently there’s a term that is revolving all around the internet that is Burrowhead. The Burrowhead meaning is related to the Cincinnati Bengals which is a team in Kansas City chiefs.

The team Kansas City chefs might face in the AFC championship game and they have been calling arrowhead stadium “Burrowhead”.

Moreover, the chefs are willing to take revenge for the 2017 championship loss. In addition to disgrace “Burrowhead” is a moniker that is used by Cincinnati Bengal fans.

Joe burrow and the quarterback of the team are likely to own arrowhead stadium. Let’s unravel more about it in the forthcoming points.

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Specifications regarding Burrowhead

  • According to reports the cliffs at Burrowhead are present at the southernmost point in the Machars. People can gaze across to the Isle of Man i.e. the mull of Galloway (present in the southernmost point in Scotland). On top of that, you can notice it from Ireland and Cumbria during the clear weather.

There’s a specific area that is used as a massive army camp during World War 2. 

  • However, in this era people can get to see the bricks and buildings that are incredibly important archaeological remnants of wartime activity.
  • Therefore, people should know that Burrowhead is a magic place. Here the Cincinnati Bengals can visit via plane ride to visit the place where the AFC championship game loss has been faced.

Burrowhead viral meme meaning

  • The Burrowhead meaning us prioritized as the moniker that is used by the Cincinnati Bengal fans. On top of that, the Kanas city chiefs and the AFC championship game between them and Cincinnati Bengal are coined after the previous match.
  • Joe burrow and the Bengals have turned the tables in their favor. However, the burrow has also thrown touchdown passes. They have shown the touchdown passes to Samaje Perine and Ja’Marr Chase by tying the game in their favor at the end of the third quarter.
  • Therefore, the Bengals got wins in their hands by scoring 27-24. This is why the fans have started calling the arrowhead stadium the Burrowhead which is an honor of the Bengal’s historic achievement.

Travis Kelce and the Burrowhead meaning meme

For those who don’t know Travis Kelce is the player with the Kansas city chiefs that have a giant fan base. However, Cincinnati had started calling the arrowhead stadium the Burrowhead.

On top of that, Kelce had yelled during the postgame interview for “CBS”. During the interview, he stated that “Burrowhead, my (expletive), it is ma homie’s house!!”

The burrow has log-in and has a 3-0 record in the 3-career meetings with Kansas City. On top of that, all wins have included the 2022 AFC championship game.

Therefore, the chief fans will believe that the teams are going to use the Burrowhead meme as motivation.

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The Burrowhead meaning states that it is a term that is jokingly introduced by the fans of Cincinnati Bengals.

They are considered to mock the fans of other teams and this term has a specific history behind it.

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