Mary On A Cross Meaning

‘Mary on a Cross’ is a unique song that is filled with double meanings. This is why people are unable to figure out the Mary on a cross meaning accurately.

Before that, we all should know which band sang this song and when. The Mary on a Cross is a song launched by the Swedish rock band name “Ghost”.

After the advent of the song, multiple people are still scratching their heads to understand the correct meaning of it.

So we are here to unveil the accurate meaning as you just need to take a closer look at the points listed below.

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Mary on a Cross: Does It Resemble Anything?

Does Ghost Mary on a Cross meaning is related to intimacy? Is it a love song? These thoughts might be bumping into your head.

But the singer contrasts the Mary with the bloody Mary. Such a unique idea has made this song more interesting and worth listening to.

One of the interpretations is that the song is related to drugs and highlights marijuana. It can be true as Mary on the Cross is the song title that can be related to marijuana.

However, the song lyrics are so clever even the pros need to figure out whether the interpretation was different or they just assuming things.

On top of that, the Mary on a Cross meaning song has a phrase where the singer has said ‘go down’.

On top of that, he had also given some references to running away with women in the song.

Besides that, if you want to understand the song meaning to the fullest then we would suggest you listen to it attentively.

The analysis: Mary on a cross

We can assume that this song has two different interpretations one involves negotiating numbers and the other involves theories.

But the fact is Mary on a cross meaning Genius is the song that speaks for itself. But according to multiple rumors and indirect singer explanations, the sexual interpretation makes more sense.

There are certain words in the song that resembles a female body and highlight every part of it. 

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Mary on a cross: accurate meaning

The ghost has sung a song named “Mary on a Cross’ that is referring to the character Mary.

This refers to the infamous Virgin Mary which indicates enjoying romance regardless of the claim to be pure.

However, the Virgin Mary is used in the song in a provocative and evocative sense.

The Mary on a cross meaning is related to the “Holy Mary” which is also mentioned in the lyrics.

In simple words, the song lyrics are likely to refer to sex when it states “going down”. But the songwriters were extreme genius as they turned the tables in their favor and go attention with their wordplay.


The songwriter of “Mary on a Cross” is incredibly talented. The lyricist has tried their best not to highlight the sexual part of the song still they have managed to indicate a seductive female body.

On top of that, this song has multiple double meaning that has helped this song to make history in the music industry.

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