GTS Meaning In Snapchat And Instagram?

The GTS is a common abbreviation that comes with multiple definitions. It is tricky to remember all the different slang acronyms, but you should understand the GTS meaning. 

So, you can learn about the responses and how they are used in texting on different social media platforms.

The GTS in the text indicates that both people have the same shut-eye. GTS meaning is going to sleep by texting or direct messaging at night. It is a great conversation ender that people usually avoid sounding loud or rude during late-night conversation.

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GTS meaning on Snapchat:

GTS states that it is used to reminisce on a specific memory, or it can be considered to end the conversation on a good note. It is considered for DMs or as a photo caption like:

  • You: do you know how Johnny’s friends celebrated his birthday last year?
  • Them: yeah, it was fun, and GTS was all around the party. 

Ways to use GTS on Snapchat:

Snapchat users add GTS to their snaps to show that they enjoy their company. Moreover, they can add it to their memory to say that the selected picture reminds them of a good time. Here are some examples: GTS on vacation with the clowns.

Reminisce on funny memories: 

Some Snapchat users consider GTS an exclamation to show they have fun at past events. You can also use it on Snapchat to talk about moments that you are enjoying, like:

  • Them: if someone asks what you are up to?
  • You: I’m tiffany’s pool party, come through the GTS.

End a conversation on a positive note: 

If you are a Snapchat lover, then use GTS to wrap up and say that you have enjoyed chatting with a specific person. You can use GTS meaning in the text to end the conversation on a positive note. So instead of using TTYL (talk to you later) try using GTS. Here is an example:

  • Them: ok I need to leave, gotta go to drama rehearsals, catch you later!
  • You: hehe no issues, GTS!

How respond to GTS in normal text messages?

There are multiple ways to respond to GTS via text as a person can easily knock out the conversation without being rude or awkward.

  • Them: oh I need to leave GTS will talk later!
  • You: okay, I will text you later.

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A different version of GTS often appears on applications like TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram. For example, the GTS meaning in text Instagram can be “Google that shit” it can be awkward but quite fun to use. On top of that, some people use GTS for “going through shit.”

It is a sign that you are showing your stressful life without saying too much, which makes it more fun to use. Social media users often consider such a term, but before they use it, they must understand its different meanings. So you can respond to text accordingly and add fun to your Instagram picture’s caption. 

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